“ I have always wanted my efforts in teaching, painting, and writing to have a positive affect on peoples lives. Any great work of art which has beauty as a primary raison d'etre will serve its viewing public by providing joy to the heart, solace to the spirit and cause for meditation and peace of mind in a modern world which forces most of us to regard such things as a rare luxury.  In our stress ridden lives, we need a moment of beauty to help us catch our breath, regain our center of balance, sense of self and sense of connection with the world around us. Pretty might activate a pleasure center in the eye of the beholder, but real beauty transports or transforms the viewer to a higher state of consciousness.

Universal aspects of beauty can bring us closer and unite us, for if there is no empathy, there will be continued infliction of pain.  If there is no true spirituality or connection with our common core of being, nature or souls, then there will always be insecurity, a need for greediness, power struggles and suffering.  I believe that beauty can help us reconnect, grow, save ourselves, and therefore be of more help to others.

My paintings are developed intuitively.  They represent my own struggle to capture beauty with balance and harmony and to produce something unique, transcendent, and spiritual.”

© 2016 Anna B. Francis